The birthplace of epic, time-stopping games is Frostline Games. Whoever you are and wherever you may reside, if you enjoy viewing the world through the lens of video games, we cordially invite you to join our thriving, rapidly expanding community.


We are committed to making epic games. For this cause, we live by six fundamental principles that permeate every aspect of our lives and games:

Story Driven

Everything that we design at Frostline Games is done so that you have a narrative experience. For us, gaming is a form of storytelling, and we think that our players help us write our stories.


Gaming experience is sacred to us. We are confident that we are accomplishing our goals if our players become engrossed in the games and narratives we create. Every department at the company, including art, script, programming, and customer support, works toward making sure that our players have an uninterrupted and seamless experience.

Commitment to Quality

The excellence of our work is what gives your gaming experience its power. We take every small or large business matter seriously while creating games. Since we know that this is the only way we can surpass our own limitations in the caliber of the work we do, honest feedback from our players is a priceless gem to us.


Every employee at Frostline Games is an avid player. We are a team that values competition. We value our time and are very clear on the games we want to play. The “For Us From Us” guiding principle states that we have thousands of enjoyable hours of fun while playing every game we create and distribute.

Play well, play fair

In the world of gaming, first impressions matter, but they are not everything. The strongest link between us and the players, in our opinion, is a long-lasting trust. We place equal value on treating everyone fairly, including our customers, staff members, colleagues, and business partners. Because only when the rules are followed can the game be enjoyed.

Every Opinion Counts.

Frostline Games does not enjoy playing by themselves. We pledge to listen to the opinions of all of our team members and players. We encourage all of our employees to share their opinions, listen to others, and respect those of others. We think it’s effective to view criticism as a way to introduce fresh concepts.