All heroes must earn their one and only Ultimate. Heroes in HotDA all have unique abilities, or “patterns,” that they can use in combat. They use their abilities to harm, heal, restrain, or aid their comrades and opponents. These are feats that any hero would be capable of. A hero’s unique abilities are what set […]

The Fountain

Listen to the sound of the rushing water. You’ll notice a slight whispering. Do not mistake it with the sound of a shadow’s footsteps. A dark residue of lost traditions runs from that spring in the hundreds of laments shouted at the same moment. When all of the ballads sang at the Edge of Dawn, the […]

Monolith of Duality

Take a close look at that foreboding obelisk. It stands tall, as a threat to all legacies… This obelisk is my anchor, my manhood, says Gallusar. I stabbed it into both night and day; I stuck it to both the land and the epic. My obelisk, which pierces both light and dark, stands at the […]

Mastery of the Patterns

All the combat abilities in HoTDA create a subtle pattern. A Hero’s battle skills are referred to as Patterns in HoTDA. Every move is a Pattern, from weapon mastery to opponent neutralization, from controlling enemy crowds to supporting friends. Patterns are unique to each Hero. There are both active and passive effects within the Patterns. […]


“I was born out the poet’s greed… the blood and tears shed in the epics flow through my veins. I am the one who immortalized the heroes, I am the one who froze them in their legends.” In the darkness, Gallusar; the ancient Demon opened his eyes. He writhed at first, thinking he was in […]