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Both Familiar and New!

Heroes of the Dark Ages “HOTDA” is a type of MOBA (Online Multiplayer Battle Arena) developed by Frostline Games A.Ş. for the PC platform; It is a fantasy-themed video game.

The fundamental tenet of HOTDA is to give our players a quick and seamless gaming experience. One of the differences of HOTDA from other MOBAs that mostly offer generic characters; selectable characters are the most known epic heroes of world mythologies. Players from all over the world will relate to historical figures like Attila, King Arthur, bn-i Sina, Baybars, and Brunhilde who they are familiar with and have dreamed of since they were young.

Because of this feature, HOTDA is a story-focused game as opposed to all of its rivals, and it is made to be a whole with its technical features and narrative building upon one another.


Each team aims to take over the opposing base. The roads leading to the base are known by their technical name, “lane.” The playing surface referred to as the “3-lane map” in the above diagram is the arena that is used the most. There are “towers” that protect against the adversary inside the base and on the lanes. In addition, each team has AI-controlled soldiers that emerge from their base and wave in waves toward the field of the rival team.

The area between the lanes is called “jungle”. These are objects (monsters, unique items, and resources) that are not controlled by either team but nevertheless add to the game’s strategy by providing rewards, difficulties, and opportunities for growth.

While battling both on the field and with their opponents, players come up with a team strategy.

This setup is our playground. The teams represent two poles, Night and Day, as opposed to the first team and the second team because every aspect of HOTDA is story-centered. The map itself is also designed symmetrically with light and dark.

Due to the nature of the game, each hero that the players in the teams select has a specific role that they play.


“Surrogates” is a sci-fi themed video game of FPS ARENA (First Person Shooter Arena) genre developed by Frostline Games A.Ş. for multiplatform.

The first step the players take after connecting to the game is to select a hero from the lengthy list. In first-person shooter games, each hero is suited to one of the traditional military roles. These roles are; It consists of snipers, heavy weapons, commandos, support and engineers. For instance, the sniper can shoot from a distance and the commando can sneak into the enemy line unnoticed by the enemy when the heavy weapon role’s fire output is high. Each role has essential strategic meanings.

Players then choose a game mode. The modes are “capture/defend the flag”, “plant a bomb” and “last man standing”. There are different arena maps for each mode.

In flag capture mode, each party is required to defend a symmetrical area. When at least one member of the opposing team enters this area and stays there for a specific amount of time, the game is over.

War of the Worlds

“War of the Worlds” (DS) is a Battle Royale genre sci-fi themed video game developed by Frostline Games A.Ş.

The British author H. G. Wells, who is regarded as one of the forefathers of the science fiction genre, wrote the classic book “War of the Worlds” in 1897.

The two most significant feature-length adaptations of this work, which is well-known throughout the world, have been made by Haskin in 1953 and Tom Cruise in 2005.

The piece has garnered interest from all over the world for more than a century and served as an inspiration for hundreds of works of art.

When compared to other games in the Battle Royale genre, which has recently emerged as the financial rising star of the video game industry, our title will occupy a previously unheard-of space in terms of gameplay, aesthetics, and narrative.